TOPIC: Robby Anderson: Jets WRs proving critics wrong
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For the second straight season, NFL teams will be sporting Color Rush uniforms during Thursday Night Football. Which jerseys are the ugliest?

After introducing Rush uniforms for Cheap China Jerseys Thursday Night Football last season, the NFL announced that they will be brought back for this season.

The jerseys got mixed reviews last season. Some teams just have the right color scheme to make them work. And with proper execution, they can be done very well.

Some teams, however, are strapped with an unfortunate mixture of colors that make these jerseys just look downright ugly.

Nonetheless, the jerseys are a nice little change up from the norm. It something different and something else the NFL can sell that they won have to pay taxes on. But that a whole different story.

But there were also Cheap China Jerseys some major losers.

The , though, will be sporting this hideous white uni with some black on the shoulders.

This jersey is just boring. The dominant white look could work if they did more than add some black slash marks on the shoulders and sides of the pants.

Also, it doesn't mix well with their usual helmet, which is all orange and black.

Some white jerseys from this round of Color Rush work, like the Giants, Cowboys and Saints. But, unfortunately, the Bengals will look mighty inferior to the Miami Dolphins on authentic jerseys wholesale Sep. 29 least in terms of attire.

And, it was rather cruel of the NFL to make Cincinnati face Miami team with orange in its color scheme Thursday night. They could have come up with something much better if they faced a team with some more contrast to their colors.

With that in mind, I do understand why the Bengals' unis have to be white here. But it doesn't make them any prettier.

Here how the two team uniforms will look next to each other.

Color Rush 9/29 game features Bengals (white) at Dolphins (orange).

Still, I will probably spend more time trying to figure out the jerseys than actually watching the game.
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